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Gender and Equality Committee


The CiMUS Gender and Equality Committee follows the  III Strategic Plan for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men of the USC

This Committee represents the initiative of the Center to guarantee real equality, inclusivity and diversity in the development of scientific careers between men and women. Born at the end of 2019, it seeks to become in the medium term a reference observatory in the Galician scientific field responding to specific problems and works to break down barriers that affect the normal performance of professional work. Currently, the Committee consists of eight people from CiMUS, headed by its Scientific director, Mabel Loza. Work-life balance, occupational health and safety measures and the preparation of an equality plan are some of the projects envisioned in the coming months. Among the actions carried out so far by this committee stand out the creation of a space for breastfeeding, measures to reconcile the work of pregnant women (work space outside the laboratory for prevention measures), organization of discussion tables on issues of equality and gender; and its presentation to different audiences (students of schools and high-schools), informative talks within the framework of the 11F in different educational centers, educational workshops with the Spanish Cancer Association for primary school students and so on. 

 Please find here the current action plan of the Committee.


Mabel Loza
President of the committee & CiMUS Scientific Director
Ruth González
Secretary of the committee and CiMUS manager
Celia Pombo
CiMUS Principal investigator
José A. Costoya
CiMUS Principal investigator
Catarina Allegue
PhD. Researcher
Laura Gómez
PhD. Researcher
Tiago Moreira
PhD. student
Marisol Abella
Administration and service staff





Distribución por géneros CiMUS 2022

Gender distribution CiMUS 2022