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Commercial Seminar

Agilent Cytation 5 and Synergy H1 Seminar & Demo

Hüseyin Tuncay

Field Application Scientist at Agilent Technologies

22/05 09:30 - 23/05/2024 17:00

Theatre room, CiMUS

This seminar will introduce our automated microscope and conventional microplate detector, the Cytation 5, and its various applications. This includes the normalisation of Seahorse data. In addition, we will also share technical information and applications of our plate reader (absorbance, luminescence and fluorescence), Synergy H1. Among them, experiments to measure polarised fluorescence, TRF, etc.

We will have two instruments to approach the experimental part of the demo: Cytation 5 and Synergy H1.
Both the seminar and the experimental part will be carried out by our specialists from Seahorse and Biotek.

Please, you can register by sending an email to: miriam.contreras [at] (miriam[dot]contreras[at]agilent[dot]com)

To see the schedule, you can download the attached file.