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CiMUS Seminar

"Amyloid-beta strains: potential role in the pathological diversity observed in Alzheimer?s disease"

Rodrigo Morales

Mitchell Center For Alzheimer's Disease & Brain Disorders. The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (USA)

17 June 2022 13:00–14:00

Theatre Room, CiMUS


Compelling evidence suggests that Alzheimer?s disease (AD) -associated A? exists in a variety of conformational strains. This may explain the pathological and clinical differences observed among people afflicted by AD. In this study, we show specific patterns of prion-like spreading when using different brain-derived and synthetic A? strains.


Dr. Morales is an Associate Professor at The University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston with more than 18 years of experience in the field of protein misfolding diseases. His main research interests involve the prion-like nature of A? aggregates in Alzheimer?s disease, the study of environmental components contributing to prion dissemination, and the prion strain and species barrier phenomena.

Hosted by PI Jesús R. Requena. Molecular Pathology of Rare Diseases Group, CiMUS.