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CiMUS Seminar

Antiangiogenics in breast cancer: the end of the beginning

Dr. Miguel Quintela Fandiño

Director, Clinical Research Program, CNIO. Associate Professor, Endowed Chair for Precision and Personalized Medicine, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. Associate medical oncologist physician, Oncology Service, Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre.

3 November 2023 09:30–10:30

Theatre room, CiMUS


This line of research has kept our group busy for the last 10 years. Some of our top publications verse on the topic, and I will describe from the technique that we developed for monitoring vascular normalization, to the dichotomic mechanism of resistance, which is mediated either by correction or increase of hypoxia, as well as its therapeutic implications. In the former, tumours switch away from aerobic glycolysis as main source of energy, and become dependent on mitochondrial respiration. In the latter, we have discovered the mechanism that triggers the development of hypoxia, and their implications for tumour immune suppression. Most of this work has already been translated to the clinical setting in independent clinical trials. I will include in the seminar unpublished material regarding the implications for immunosuppression, currently under evaluation in Science. 


Dr. Quintela is a medical oncologist physician-scientist dedicated to breast cancer, devoted to therapeutic development. Their research has been published both in top clinical journals such as Journal of Clinical Oncology or EClinicalMedicine and in basic research journals such as Nature Communications. 

Their research lines include:

  1. Metabolic reprogramming during epithelial transformation;
  2. Tumor stroma, from angiogenesis to immunotherapy; 
  3. Translational Phosphoproteomics; 
  4. Precision and High Definition Oncology; and 
  5. FGFR1 amplification in breast cancer. 

Their research findings have been implemented into (to date) 7 investigator-initiated trials, and we have obtained >13 million Euros in external funding since the establishment of the Breast Cancer Group at CNIO. He has obtained 6 patents (2 of them licensed), launched 1 spin-off, trained 6 doctorate students, and achieved 7 research awards.

Host: Mabel Loza García

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