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Online CiMUS Seminar

"The Dorsal Raphe Nucleus in Energy homeostasis: A journey from basic science to preclinical work"

Marc Schneeberger

Yale School of Medicine. Yale Univesity (USA)

30 June 2022 16:00–17:00

Virtual - ZOOM


Recent work using unbiased brain activity mapping in low-energy states has identified two clusters of neurons in the DRN as key regulators of energy homeostasis. These results set the grounds for translational work aimed at reproducing the biological responses of those neurons upon a negative energy balance, ultimately reducing weight. The application of a novel target identification pipeline to these DRN neurons led to the discovery of successful candidates for preclinical weight loss. Importantly, the targets identified are not only expressed in the DRN of rodents but also in humans elevating their therapeutic value.


Marc is a neurobiologist studying the physiology of energy homeostasis. His research spans two questions in the intersection of molecular biology, genetics, behaviour, and metabolism. How is energy homeostasis orchestrated in our body? and, Which circuits are fundamental for its regulation to happen?

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Further info about Marc here.

Hosted by Miguel Lopez' Group.

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