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CiMUS Lecture

enLIGHTening neuro-immune communication

Francesco De Virgiliis

Research and Teaching Fellow at the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

19 July 2024 13:00–14:00

Theatre room, CiMUS

Light governs most aspects of life on earth, dictating the rest-activity cycle and shaping the immune system via associated circadian changes.  However, whether light can directly modulate immune organs, such as lymph nodes (LNs) remains unknown. Here, I show that light stimulation via the eyes directly influences LN activity via a descending neuronal pathway.


Francesco carried out his PhD and early post-doc at Imperial College London where he studied neuronal regeneration focusing on neuro-immune communication (Hervera, De Virgiliis et al Nat Cell Biol, De Virgiliis et al Nat Commun) and circadian rhythms (De Virgiliis et al. Cell Metab). Currently, he holds a HFSP fellowship and a Maître-Assistant position at the University of Geneva where he studies neuro-immune communication in response to light. 

Host PI: Olga Barca Mayo. Circadian and Glial Biology Group, CiMUS

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