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Commercial Seminar

Exploring the Metabolic Landscape: Advanced Assays for Metabolism and 3D Model System Discovery

 Julie Conkright-Fincham

Head of Screening at the Stowers Institute &  Strategic Collaborations Manager at Promega

23 May 2024 12:00–13:00

Theatre room, CiMUS


  • Interrogating energy metabolism pathways for drug discovery.
  • Assays for profiling cancer metabolism by quantitating energy, lipid, and co-factor metabolites.
  • Measuring energy metabolism and cell viability/cytotoxicity in 2D and 3D models.



Julie has worked in academic screening for the past 17 years, first as the Director of the Cell-based Screening Facility at Scripps Florida and then as the Head of Screening at the Stowers Institute, a private research institute in Kansas City, MO. Julie and her team worked with internal and external researchers to design high throughput, cell-based as well as in vitro assays prior to performing assay development and miniaturization. These high content imaging or reader-based assays were used to screen compound and genomic (siRNA and cDNA) libraries. Julie also has extensive experience with large and small automation systems.

Julie is a Strategic Collaborations Manager at Promega (based in Kansas City, KS), supporting the sales team to understand their customer's assay needs and suggesting products to fulfill those needs. She works with customers, R&D scientists, and Promega's custom assay teams to design new assays using Promega’s technology components. Lastly, she communicates customer’s unmet needs and challenges to R&D and Promega leadership to advocate for new product development. Julie focuses on Promega’s TPD, TE, PPI, lumit, cell health, and metabolism portfolios.


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