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CiMUS Seminar

Host-Microbiota Interactions in Health and Disease

Gabriel Núñez, MD

Paul de Kruif Endowed Professor of Pathology. Rogel Cancer Center. University of Michigan Health, USA.

22 September 2023 11:00–12:00

Theatre Room, CiMUS


The intestinal tract of mammals is colonized by a large number of microorganisms that are referred to collectively as the gut microbiota.  The seminar will focus on research performed in our laboratory to understand the mechanisms by which the microbiota protect the host from pathogen colonization and promote inflammatory disease in susceptible individuals. 


Professor Gabriel Núñez has a very successful and productive research career in the fields of apoptosis, innate immunity, microbial-host interactions and molecular immunology. The research in his laboratory focuses on mechanistic studies to understand the role of members of the Nod-like receptor (NLR) and Toll-like receptor (TLR) families in immune responses against microbial pathogens and inflammatory disease. In addition, he is devoting a major effort to understanding the role of the microbiota in the regulation of immune responses, eradication of pathogens and development of inflammatory disease in the gut and the skin. He has published over 425 papers which have resulted in more than 140,000 citations with an h-index of 170. 

Host: Manuel Collado.

Attendance certificates will be provided upon request to cimus.xestion [at] (cimus[dot]xestion[at]usc[dot]es). Please bear in mind to register by writing clearly the name and surname on the printed sheet. We will not be responsible for amending the records of anyone who fails to do so.