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Online CiMUS Seminar

Lipid nanoparticle mediated mRNA delivery to the retina

Katrien Remaut, PhD

Associate Professor. Ghent University (Belgium)

23 May 2024 09:30–10:00


Messenger RNA delivery to the retina has the potential to treat a variety of retinal disorders by the transient expression of proteins, benefitting those applications that require short-term intracellular protein expression such as reprogramming or genome editing. Efficient delivery of mRNA to the retina remains however a major bottleneck, due to several extracellular and intracellular barriers, that will be discussed in this lecture.


Katrien Remaut is an associate professor at Ghent University with expertise in ocular drug delivery barriers. She is dedicated to developing nanoparticle delivery systems for nucleic acid delivery to the retina. As one of the few research groups worldwide, her current work is strongly focused on developing lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) for efficient, safe and non-immunogenic mRNA delivery to the retina. 

Host: María José Alonso / Anna Abbadessa. Junior PI La Caixa.

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