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Lucía Sánchez & Pablo Pedrosa

Lucía Sánchez & Pablo Pedrosa

PhD student & PhD

27 October 2023 17:00–18:00

Theatre Room, CiMUS

Understanding the impact of matching and mismatching mitochondrial genome and microproteome

Understanding the molecular mechanisms responsible for the effects of mitochondrial micropeptides (differentially encoded by population variants of the mtDNA) on the penetrance of ageing and cancer is important.  For this, we used a transmitochondrial cybrid cell line model to study the effect of supplementation of these paired and/or unpaired micropeptides with their genetic background in different nutrient sources.

CV highlights:

Lucía Sánchez is a biologist specialised in Human Genetics. She has recently started her PhD at the MitoPhenomics Lab. Their research focuses on mitochondrial biology and its impact at the cellular level, beyond energy production, and the way mitochondria and genetic variation in the mitochondrial genome modify the development and penetrance of different types of cancer with tissue-specific effects.

Lucía Sánchez Abad

Failed reprogramming of transformed cells due to induction of apoptosis and senescence impairs tumor progression in lung cancer

In this project we study how the cell reprogramming process affects transformed cells. We have discovered how the expression of cell reprogramming factors reduces growth in some lung cancer lines. In addition, we have studied the individual contribution of each factor, as well as the possible effectors and molecular mechanisms involved in this effect.

CV highlights:

BSc in Biology at the University of Santiago de Compostela in 2015, he defended his doctoral thesis in 2022. He's been working as a postdoctoral researcher since then - first in ColladoLab, studying how cellular reprogramming affects the neoplastic phenotype; and now in Cell cycle and Oncology Group in the CiMUS, studying the implications of CCR9 in ovarian cancer development. 

Pablo Pedrosa Lado

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