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CiMUS Seminar

Mapping the obese brain: a matter of cell identity?

Dr Carmelo Quarta

ERC Consolidator grantee. Inserm U1215, Neurocentre Magendie, University of Bordeaux, France.

30 January 2024 13:00–14:00

Theatre Room, CiMUS


The hypothalamus controls vital behavioural and metabolic adaptations through its diverse neuronal populations, which are programmed during development. However, contrary to conventional wisdom, our research reveals postnatal identity plasticity in unique subpopulations, particularly within the brains of obese mice. In this talk, I will discuss these findings and explore whether cell identity issues in the brain may contribute to obesity establishment or progression.


My research journey, spanning a PhD in Italy and a postdoctoral fellowship at the Helmholtz Diabetes Centre in Germany, is dedicated to unraveling neurobiological mechanisms governing food intake and systemic metabolism for developing impactful anti-obesity solutions. Currently, as a faculty member at Neurocentre Magendie in Bordeaux (France), I have secured an ERC Consolidator grant to investigate the plasticity and heterogeneity of hypothalamic neuroendocrine neurons in both physiological conditions and obesity.

Host: Miguel López. NeurObesity Group

Attendance certificates will be provided upon request to cimus.xestion [at] (cimus[dot]xestion[at]usc[dot]es). Please bear in mind to register by writing clearly the name and surname on the printed sheet. We will not be responsible for amending the records of anyone who fails to do so.