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CiMUS Lecture

METTL1 regulates Prostate Cancer tumorigenesis through tRNA-derived fragment biogenesis

Raquel García-Vílchez

Postdoc Researcher. Centro de Investigación del Cáncer (IBMCC-CIC). Salamanca.

7 May 2024 13:00–14:00

Theatre Room, CiMUS

Epitranscriptomic marks play a crucial role in the development of several diseases, including cancer. In this work, we identified the tRNA methyltransferase METTL1 as a prognostic marker for Prostate Cancer progression. Depletion of METTL1 promotes the biogenesis of novel tRNA-derived fragments that regulate the translation of tumour suppression and stress response proteins, suggesting its potential as a therapeutic target.


During my PhD at the Epitranscriptomic and Cancer laboratory, I focused on unravelling the role of tRNA methyltransferases during Prostate Cancer progression and developing sensitive and reproducible detection techniques for m7G mark detection on RNAs. I have recently joined Diana Guallar’s laboratory to further explore the role of epitranscriptomic marks in health and disease. 

Host PI: Diana Guallar. Epitranscriptomics & Ageing Group, CiMUS

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