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Mujer y autismo ¿Qué hay tras el desequilibrio de género en el diagnóstico?

María Tubío Fungueiriño, PhD.

Postdoctoral researcher. Genomics & Bioinformatics research group, CiMUS

19 March 2024 13:00–14:00

Theatre room, CiMUS

Conference series about Gender Equity and Inclusion


Fourth talk in the Conferences series about gender equity and inclusion organised by CiMUS.


This talk will address the problem of underdiagnosis of ASD in women and the phenomenon of camouflage of autistic traits. Examples of camouflaging behaviours in women will be given, we will talk about detection tools and the importance of including the gender perspective in research on Autism Spectrum Disorder.


María Tubío is a Psychologist and PhD in Neuroscience and Clinical Psychology. Her lines of research focus on ASD, OCD, ADHD and Intellectual Disability from a neurocognitive point of view and analysis with artificial intelligence to facilitate early detection and diagnosis and personalised care.

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