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Online CiMUS Seminar

"Neural control of sickness behavior"

Anoj Ilanges

Rockefeller University, USA.

9 June 2022 16:00–17:00

Virtual - ZOOM



Infections induce a set of pleiotropic responses in animals including anorexia, adipsia, lethargy, and changes in temperature, collectively termed sickness behaviors. Despite being shown to aid in survival of infection, how the central nervous system coordinates this response is unclear. In this talk, I will discuss ongoing work to identify the neural populations and circuits involved in this process.


Anoj Ilanges is currently a graduate fellow in the lab of Dr. Jeffrey Friedman at The Rockefeller University. He will be joining Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Janelia Research Campus in Ashburn, Virginia, as a Group Leader in their 4D Cellular Physiology direction in September 2022 studying the neuroimmune axis during infection.


Chair of the session: Miguel López, PI CiMUS

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