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A perspectiva de xénero na investigación

Teresa Moure Pereiro

Professor of General Linguistics of USC and Centro de Investigacións Feministas e de Estudos de Xénero (CIFEX) Director.

31 October 2023 13:00–14:00

Theatre room, CiMUS

Conference series about Gender Equity and Inclusion


Second talk in the Conferences series about gender equity and inclusion organised by CiMUS.

Far from being a concession to social movements, gender analyses constitute a methodological correction that is applied to the research task in order to project hypotheses on the diversity of the real. The concept of Gendered Innovation, included in the 2030 agenda, is having a great impact on basic and applied science, technology and, in general, on the construction of a democratic and refined model of knowledge that can face the challenges of our time.

Professor in General Linguistics, Teresa Moure is Director of CIFEX (Centro de Investigaciones Feministas y Estudios de Género) and a member of the Academia Gallega de la Lengua Portuguesa where she works in the UNESCO Chair in Multilingualism. Her research focuses on Ecolinguistics and Epistemology of language. At the same time, as a writer she has won several prizes and her works have been translated into several languages.


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