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CiMUS Seminar

So simple a beginning: genome dynamics in the early mouse embryo

Miguel Manzanares

Group leader, Functional genomics. Centro de Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa (CBM), CSIC-UAM

22 November 2024 13:00–14:00

Theatre room, CiMUS

In our lab, we try to understand how a single cell (the fertilized oocyte) gives raise to a whole organism, and how a single genome supports the emergence of hundreds of cell types with radically different phenotypes. We study how different aspects of genome function -namely DNA replication, chromatin 3D structure and gene transcription- are coordinated, and how they are initially established during the first stages of mouse development, starting from a naïve genome and leading to the first lineage decisions that occur in the embryo.

CV highlights and research lines:
Miguel Manzanares is researcher at the CBM (CSIC) since 2019, after being at the CNIC and the IIBM (CSIC). His current interests are to understand how genome activity is regulated and how it contributes to embryonic development and human disease. His group research involves studying the 3D structure organization of the chromatin and the gene regulatory networks underlying specific biological states. This is achieved using bioinformatics, structural genomics, genome-wide analysis, CRISPR genome editing, and functional assays in transgenic animal models and stem cells.

Host PI: Diana Guallar, Epitranscriptomics & Ageing Group, CiMUS

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