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CiMUS Seminar

"Breast cancer heterogeneity and resistance to therapy"

María dM. Vivanco

Principal Investigator. Cancer Heterogeneity Lab. CIC bioGUNE (Bizkaia)

4 Novembro 2022 13:00–14:00

Theatre Room, CiMUS


Breast cancer is a heterogenous disease, not only among patients but also within the tumour. In particular, the presence of cancer stem cells, CSCs, proves a challenge to therapy. The various approaches being used in the lab to further understand and tackle cancer heterogeneity will be discussed.


Maria Vivanco did her PhD at EMBL in Heidelberg (Germany), a post-doc at UCSF, San Francisco (USA), and started her own laboratory at the Institute of Cancer Research in London (UK) before moving to CIC bioGUNE. She is interested in breast cancer stem cells, their responses to hormones and the microenvironment, and their implication as potential therapeutic targets to overcome resistance to therapy.

Hosted by PI Ashwin Woodhoo (Gene Regulatory Control in Disease Group)

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