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Mechanisms of Disease

Cell cycle and Oncology (CyCLOn )

Anxo Vidal Figueroa
Group Leader | Associate Professor
Lab: P1L2
Field of knowledge

The Cell cycle and Oncology Group was established in 2003. A major goal of the lab has been to study the cellular and molecular basis of cancer. For a decade, our effort was aimed to discover new cooperative functions of cell cycle regulators and to identify cell cycle independent roles of cdk-inhibitors. Our work has contributed to the identification of new functions of the cell cycle inhibitors in angiogenesis (Vidal et al PNAS 2005), endochondral bone formation (Yeh et al MCB 2007) or stem cell biology (Li et al Cell Stem Cell 2012; Porlan et al Nat Neurosci 2013; Vilas et al Oncotarget 2015). 

In recent years, the group has been devoted to explore new therapeutic strategies in cancer by using nanomedicines (Borrajo et al J Control Rel 2016; Amaral et al Angew Chem 2018; Goldberg et al Nat Commun 2022), atomic quantum clusters (Porto et al Adv Funct Mater 2022) and immunotherapy (Retos Colaboración with SunRock Biopharma and two current grants for immunotherapy against ovarian cancer). 

Research Lines

  • Molecular mechanisms of oncogenesis: cell cycle and cancer.
  • Search for new tumor markers and therapeutic targets.
  • Validation of new therapeutic strategies in cancer.
  • Development of refined animal models of advanced cancer.


Araceli Tobio Ageitos
Assistant professor
Carmen Carneiro Freire
Research Associate
Pablo Pedrosa Lado
Postdoctoral research associate


Ángela Turrero Braojos
PhD student

Selected publications

Rho acivity can alter the translation of p27 mRNA and is important for RasV12 induced transformation in a manner dependent on p27 status.

Vidal A et al.
J Bio Chem 277: 16433-16440 (2002)

p130 and p27 co-operate to control mobilization of angiogenic progenitors from the bone marrow.

Vidal A et al.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 102: 6890-6895. (2005)

Cooperation between p27 and p107 during endochondral ossification suggests a genetic pathway controlled by p27 and p130.

Yeh N et al.
Mol Cell Biol 27: 5161-5171. (2007)

p27Kip1 directly contributes to Sox2 transcriptional repression during embryonic stem cell differentiation.

Li H et al.
Cell Stem Cell 11: 845–852, 2012

Transcriptional repression of Bmp2 by p21(Waf1/Cip1) links quiescence to neural stem cell maintenance

Porlan, E., Morante-Redolat, J., Marqués-Torrejón, M. et al.

Transcriptional regulation of Sox2 by the retinoblastoma family of pocket proteins.

Vilas J. M., Ferreirós A., Carneiro C., Morey L., Da Silva-Álvarez S., Fernandes T., Abad M., Di Croce L., García-Caballero T., Serrano M., Rivas C., Vidal A., Collado M.
Docetaxel-loaded polyglutamic acid-PEG nanocapsules for the treatment of metastatic cancer.
Borrajo E, Abellan-Pose R, Soto A, Garcia-Fuentes M, Csaba N, Alonso MJ, Vidal A.
Adult Sox2+stem cell exhaustion in mice results in cellular senescence and premature aging
Vilas, Jessica M.; Carneiro, Carmen; Da Silva-Alvarez, Sabela; Ferreiros, Alba; Gonzalez, Patricia; Gomez, Maria; Ortega, Sagrario; Serrano, Manuel; Garcia-Caballero, Tomas; Gonzalez-Barcia, Miguel; Vidal, Anxo; Collado, Manuel

Context-Dependent Impact of RAS Oncogene Expression on Cellular Reprogramming to Pluripotency

Ferreiros, A; Pedrosa, P; Da Silva-Alvarez, S; Triana-Martinez, F; Vilas, JM; Picallos-Rabina, P; Gonzalez, P; Gomez, M; Li, H; Garcia-Caballero, T; Gonzalez-Barcia, M; Vidal, A; Collado, M

Silver Clusters of Five Atoms as Highly Selective Antitumoral Agents Through Irreversible Oxidation of Thiols

Vanesa Porto,David Buceta,Blanca Domínguez,Carmen Carneiro,Erea Borrajo,María Fraile,Nerea Davila-Ferreira,Iria R. Arias,José M. Blanco,Maria C. Blanco,Juan M. Devida,Lisandro J. Giovanetti,Félix G. Requejo,Juan C. Hernández-Garrido,José J. Calvino,Miguel López-Haro,Giampaolo Barone,Andrew M. James,Tomás García-Caballero,Diego M. González-Castaño,Martin Treder,Wolfgang Huber,Anxo Vidal,Michael P. Murphy,M. Arturo López-Quintela, Fernando Domínguez

Selected Results


National project(s)

Advanced dosimetry for novel radiotherapy approaches in brain tumors (DOSE BRAIN).
REF: PLEC2022-009476Duration: -
PI: Faustino Gómez Rodríguez
Inmunoterapia combinada frente al cáncer de ovario: nuevas aplicaciones terapéuticas basadas en anti-IL6/IL-6R mAbs y terapia celular adoptiva con células NK.
REF: PID2021-124326OB-I00Duration: -
PI: Araceli Tobío and Anxo Vidal
Nuevas estrategias de inmunoterapia para el tratamiento del cáncer de ovario (IMCOV)
REF: PMPTA22-00076Duration: -
PI: Anxo Vidal


Rede de Animais Transxénicos de Galicia (RATGA)
Plataforma ISCIII Biobancos y Biomodelos (PISCIIIBB)


Use of p53 inhibitors for reducing food intake and lowering body weight
Aplication Nº: WO2012ES70111 20120223
Methods for diagnosing follicular thyroid cancer
Aplication Nº: US20120184452A1
María del Carmen Pastoriza Rodríguez, María del Carmen Carneiro Freire, José Manuel Cameselle-Teijeiro, Fernando Domínguez Puente, Anxo Vidal Figueroa.
Fluorescent sensor and use thereof for detection of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors and/or for detection of cyclins.
Aplication Nº: WO/2009/156541
Pazos E, Vidal A, Mascareñas JL, Vazquez ME.
Biodegradable scaffold comprising messenger RNA
Aplication Nº: P201630565
M. García Fuentes, A. Martinez Ledo, A. Vidal Figueroa