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Mechanisms of Disease

Endocrine Oncology (EnOn)

Román Pérez-Fernández
Group Leader | Full Professor
Lab: P1L2
Field of knowledge

The group is working in two lines of research about human breast cancer. In the first one, we study the involvement of the POU1F1 transcription factor (also known as Pit-1) in the pathogenesis of breast cancer. Specifically, how the POU1F1 expressed by tumor cells could interact with stromal cells, and the role of POU1F1 in breast cell plasticity, including breast tumor cells, normal epithelial cells, and breast stem cells. In the second line, we evaluate if no-calcemic vitamin D analogs and retinoid analogs could be used for breast cancer treatment.

Research Lines

  1. Role of the POU1F1 transcription factor in breast cell plasticity
  2. Vitamin D and retinoid analogs in breast cancer treatment


Maria Efigenia Arias Baltar
Research Associate
Samuel Seoane Ruzo
Research Associate


Leandro Avila Concepción
PhD student
Sandra Rodriguez Gonzalez
PhD student

Selected publications

Deregulation of the Pit-1 transcription factor in human breast cancer cells promotes tumor growth and metastasis

I Ben-Batalla, S Seoane, T Garcia-Caballero, R Gallego, M Macia, LO Gonzalez, F Vizoso, R Perez-Fernandez.
Breast cancer metastasis to liver and lung is facilitated by Pit-1-CXCL12-CXCR4 axis
Martinez-Ordonez, Anxo; Seoane, Samuel; Cabezas, Pablo; Eiro, Noemi; Sendon-Lago, Juan; Macia, Manuel; Garcia-Caballero, Tomas; Gonzalez, Luis O.; Sanchez, Laura; Vizoso, Francisco; Perez-Fernandez, Roman
Aromatic-Based Design of Highly Active and Noncalcemic Vitamin D Receptor Agonists
Gogoi, Pranjal; Seoane, Samuel; Sigueeiro, Rita; Guiberteau, Thierry; Maestro, Miguel A.; Perez-Fernandez, Roman; Rochel, Natacha; Mourino, Antonio

POU1F1 transcription factor promotes breast cancer metastasis via recruitment and polarization of macrophages

Seoane, S; Martinez-Ordonez, A; Eiro, N; Cabezas-Sainz, P; Garcia-Caballero, L; Gonzalez, LO; Macia, M; Sanchez, L; Vizoso, F; Perez-Fernandez, R

POU1F1 transcription factor induces metabolic reprogramming and breast cancer progression via LDHA regulation

Anxo Martínez-Ordoñez, Samuel Seoane, Leandro Avila, Noemi Eiro, Manuel Macía, Efigenia Arias, Fabio Pereira, Tomas García-Caballero, Noemi Gómez-Lado, Pablo Aguiar, Francisco Vizoso & Román Perez-Fernandez

Design, Synthesis, Biological Activity, and Structural Analysis of Novel Des-C-Ring and Aromatic-D-Ring Analogs of 1α,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3.

S Seoane, P Gogoi, A Zárate-Ruíz, C Peluso-Iltis, S Peters, T Guiberteau, M Maestro, R Perez-Fernandez, N Rochel, A Mouriño.

Selected Results


UE project(s)

Innovative ligands for nuclear receptors to eradicate cancer relapse (eRaDicate)
REF: 101119427Duration: -
PI: Román Perez-Fernandez
Marie Skłodowska-Curie – ITNMarie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)

National project(s)

Plasticity in breast cancer: role of POU1F1 and vitamin D
REF: PID2021-127394OB-I00Duration: -
PI: R Perez-Fernandez
Determinación marcadores bioquímicos y oxidativos, Lipasa endotelial y otros similares
REF: 2020-CL026Duration: -
PI: Román Pérez Fernández


Análogos de Vitamina D con interés farmacéutico
Aplication Nº: US9663429B2
Human Uterine Cervical Stem Cell population and uses thereof
Aplication Nº: PCT/EP2014/053508
Sila-Analogues of Vitamin D compounds, method of producing said compounds and uses thereof
Aplication Nº: PCT/IB2022/052839
A novel class of vitamin D receptor ligands bearing carborane moiety
Aplication Nº: Pending, June 2022