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Integrative Translational Programme | Nanodelivery

Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery

María Jose Alonso Fernández
Group Leader | Full professor
Labs: P5L1, P5L2, P6L1, P6L2
Field of knowledge

We are particularly involved in the translation of ideas from the university through novel pharmaceutical technology. Our scientific research involves the use of nanotechnologies to design innovative nanomedicines. We develop novel nanostructured materials intended to transport drugs and antigens across biological barriers and deliver them to the target tissue. We are specialized in the association of delicate molecules, including peptides, siRNA, and antigens to these nanocarriers.

Research Lines

  • Oral Peptide Delivery: Creating new conceptual approaches for delivering protein drugs and genes across complex barriers in the body, such as the nasal, ocular and intestinal barriers.
  • Nanovaccines: Designing and developing new nanocarriers for antigen delivery and investigating their adjuvant properties (nanovaccines).
  • Oncology (Precision nanomedicine and theragnostics): Designing and developing nano-oncological therapies consisting of multifunctional nanocarriers targeted to the tumor cells, the tumor associated macrophages. (TAM) and the lymphatic vessels 
  • Regenerative medicine: patient centred solutions for the personalised regeneration of osteoarticular tissues.
  • Brain RNA Delivery: the goal is to provide an RNA-based therapy perspective for neurodegenerative diseases targeting the direct cause of the disease instead of its symptoms in the midterm.
  • Covid-19: Development of nanotherapies for the prevention and treatment of Covid 19.

    Overall, our research has led to the development of potential new treatments in diverse therapeutic areas, with particular emphasis in cancer, ocular diseases, skin diseases, diabetes and obesity, and, in general, autoimmune diseases. In addition, we are currently devoting significant efforts to the development of needle-free HIV vaccine.
    All our research activity is part of multidisciplinary consortia, in which experts in various fields and industries are involved


Dolores Torres López
Full Professor
Anna Abbadessa
Research Associate
Brenda Velasco Rodríguez
Postdoctoral research associate
Eva González Freire
Postdoctoral research associate
Lucía Sanjurjo Bouza
Postdoctoral research associate
Marta Martínez Guitián
Margarita Salas Postdoctoral Fellowship
Virna Margarita Martín Giménez
Postdoctoral research associate


Balbina Fernández Martínez
Research Specialist Technician
Belén Cuesta Regueiro
Research Specialist Technician
Iago Fernández Mariño
PhD student
Purificación Domínguez Ríos
Management Technician
Ana López Estévez
Research collaborator
Mireya López Borrajo
PhD student
Alfonso Fernández Blanco
Xunta de Galicia fellowship
Laura Piñeiro Alonso
Xunta de Galicia fellowship
Philipp Lapuhs
Xunta de Galicia fellowship
Ana Otero Lorenzo
Research Specialist Technician
Cristina Iglesias López
Research Specialist Technician
Inés Rubio Prego
PFIS fellowship
Patricia González Berdullas
Smart Vitamins researcher
Elena Ibeas Moreno
PhD student
María González Portela
PhD student
Paloma Rial Paz
PhD student
Jorge Ruz Ortega
Research Specialist Technician
Elisa Battistini
PhD student
Julia Baena Paz
PhD student
Alicia Rioboo Vidal
Smart Vitamins researcher

Selected publications

Intracellular Delivery of an Antibody Targeting Gasdermin-B Reduces HER2 Breast Cancer Aggressiveness

Molina-Crespo, A; Cadete, A; Sarrio, D; Gamez-Chiachio, M; Martinez, L; Chao, K; Olivera, A; Gonella, A; Diaz, E; Palacios, J; Dhal, PK; Besev, M; Rodriguez-Serrano, M; Bermejo, MLG; Trivino, JC; Cano, A; Garcia-Fuentes, M; Herzberg, O; Torres, D; Alonso, MJ; Moreno-Bueno, G

Oral Delivery of Biologics for Precision Medicine

Matilde Durán-Lobato, Zhigao Niu, María José Alonso

Nose-to-brain delivery of enveloped RNA - cell permeating peptide nanocomplexes for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases

Samaridou E., Walgrave H., Salta E., Moreira Álvarez D., Castro-López V., Loza M., Alonso M.J.

Nanotechnologies for the delivery of biologicals: Historical perspective and current landscape

Durán-Lobato M., López-Estévez A.M., Cordeiro A.S., G. Dacoba T., Crecente-Campo, J. Torres D., Alonso M.J.

Carboxymethyl‑β‑glucan/chitosan nanoparticles: new thermostable and efficient carriers for antigen delivery

Ana Sara Cordeiro, Yagmur Farsakoglu, José Crecente?Campo, María de la Fuente, Santiago F. González, María José Alonso

Nano-Oncologicals: A Tortoise Trail Reaching New Avenues

Tamara G. Dacoba, Shubaash Anthiya, Germán Berrecoso, Iago Fernández?Mariño, Carmen Fernández?Varela, José Crecente?Campo, Desirée Teijeiro?Osorio, Fernando Torres Andón, María J. Alonso

Selected Results


UE project(s)

Targeting Circadian Clock Dysfunction in Alzheimer’s Disease (TClock4AD)
REF: 101072895Duration: -
PI: María Jose Alonso Fernández
Marie Skłodowska-Curie – ITNMarie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)

National project(s)

Consolidación 2021 GRC GI-1643 - Nanotecnoloxías aplicadas ao deseño de sistemas de liberación de fármacos - NANOBIOFAR
REF: ED431C 2021/17Duration: -
PI: María Josefa Alonso Fernández
Nano-inmunoterapias combinadas basadas en sirNA aplicadas al tratamiento de cáncer de pulmón - RETOS 2020
REF: PID2020-119368RB-I00Duration: -
PI: María Josefa Alonso Fernández

Contracts Agreements Services

Servizo de asesoría a Cantabria Labs para a implementación do diseño e desenvolvemento de produto.
REF: 2018-CE199Duration: -
PI: María Josefa Alonso Fernández


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