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New Medicines

Natural Polymers and Biomimetics (NP&B)

Noemi Csaba
Group Leader | Associate Professor
Lab: P2L6
Field of knowledge

The main activities of our research group are focused of the investigation of natural biopolymers such as polysaccharides (e.g. chitosan, hyaluronic acid, alginate etc), polyaminoacids/polypeptides (e.g. protamine and silk-derived peptides) and more recently, sporopollenins and cellulose composites for biomedical applications. These include the formulation of drug-loaded micro- and nanocarriers for therapeutic applications (metabolic disease, inflammatory diseases, cancer etc.) and antigen-loaded nanosystems for vaccination and antigen-specific immunotherapy. In most of the cases, our delivery strategies are specifically targeted to mucosal surfaces such as the nasal, ocular, pulmonary or the oral route.

Research Lines

    •    Nanotecnologies applied to biomateriales of pharmaceutical and biomedical interest
    •    Bioadhesive nano and microsystems for transmucosal drug delivery
    •    Nanomedicine and cancer/gene therapy/vaccines



Lorena Valverde Fraga
Research collaborator
Sara Gutiérrez Gutiérrez
PhD student
Julia Baena Paz
PhD student

Selected publications

Rational design of protamine nanocapsules as antigen delivery carriers
Vicente Gonzalez-Aramundiz, Jose; Presas, Elena; Dalmau-Mena, Inmaculada; Martinez-Pulgarin, Susana; Alonso, Covadonga; Escribano, Jose M.; Alonso, Maria J.; Stefania Csaba, Noemi
Protamine nanocapsules as carriers for oral peptide delivery
Nomcebo Thwala, Lungile; Pan Delgado, Diego; Leone, Kevin; Marigo, Ilaria; Benetti, Federico; Chenlo, Miguel; Alvarez, Clara, V; Tovar, Sulay; Dieguez, Carlos; Stefania Csaba, Noemi; Jose Alonso, Maria

Purification of Hollow Sporopollenin Microcapsules from Sunflower and Chamomile Pollen Grains

Jose Manuel Ageitos, Sandra Robla, Lorena Valverde-Fraga, Marcos Garcia-Fuentes and Noemi Csaba

A chitosan-based nanosystem as pneumococcal vaccine delivery platform

Robla, S., Prasanna, M., Varela-Calviño, R. Grandjean, C & Csaba, N.

Barriers to the Intestinal Absorption of Four Insulin-Loaded Arginine-Rich Nanoparticles in Human and Rat.

P. Lundquist, … N. Csaba, M. Sundbom, V Preat, D. Brayden, M.J. Alonso, P. Artursson.

Selected Results


European Technology Platform for Nanomedicine


Partículas purificadas de polen y su uso para administrar nanosistemas
Aplication Nº: P201730151
N. Csaba, D. Pan Delgado, S. Reimondez Troitiño, M. García Fuentes
Partículas purificadas de polen, procedimiento y su uso para administrar nanosistemas
Aplication Nº: P201730152
N. Csaba, D. Pan Delgado, S. Reimondez Troitiño, M. García Fuentes
Polímeros para Terapia Génica
Aplication Nº: ES2809348 B2
C. García Mazás, N. Csaba, M. García Fuentes
Nanocapsules of protamine
Aplication Nº: US9642816B2
Partículas purificadas de polen y su uso para administrar nanosistemas
Aplication Nº: ES2613585 B2
Nanocapsule of Protamine
Aplication Nº: EP2932965 B1
Nanoparticles of polyoxyethylenated derivatives
Aplication Nº: WO2005002550A1
María José Alonso Fernández, Alejandro Sánchez Barreiro, Noémi Csaba
Nanoparticles of chitosan and polyethyleneglycol as a system for the administration of biologically-active molecules
Aplication Nº: WO2006097558A3
María José Fernandez Alonso, Kevin Janes, Noemi Csaba
Controlled release formulation
Aplication Nº: WO2014044894A1
Marcos García Fuentes, Elaine Reguera Núñez, Noemi Csaba
Nanocapsular formulation of active pharmaceutical ingredients
Aplication Nº: WO2015189387A1
Gudrun Lenherr, Noemi Csaba, Lungile Thwalan, Niu Zhigao, María José Alonso Fernández