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Molecular Medicine Programme | Neurosciences

Ophthalmology and visual science (OphthalScience)

Francisco González García
Group Leader | Full Professor
Lab: P0L6
Field of knowledge

Our group attempts to link basic and clinical science related to Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences in order to develop strategies for early detection of vision threatening diseases, identification of biomarkers and developing new therapies for ocular diseases, evaluation of pharmacokinetics of intraocular and topical delivered drugs, identification of genetic ocular diseases, and elucidate the mechanisms of visual information processing. The group collaborates with the Biobank of Santiago de Compostela in providing ocular and periocular tissues for research purposes. Because of the expertise of our group in the field of ophthalmology, our members carry out research projects and clinical trials for eye related diseases in collaboration with pharma industry and nonprofit associations. The group is in continuous collaboration with other research groups who are also interested in ophthalmology and visual sciences.

Research Lines

  • Imaging in retinal diseases. Many diseases that cause visual impairment involve the posterior segment of the eye. Recent advances in processing speed and resolution of noninvasive imaging techniques have improved ocular disease diagnosis, management and follow up. Several researchers in our group make intensive use of these techniques to carry our research projects aimed to understand how retinal diseases can be treated.
  • Retinal ischemia. This condition is commonly involved in many retinal diseases. Ischemia causes a self-reinforcing process of cellular damage which in turn causes retinal malfunction. In our laboratory we are able to artificially induce acute retinal ischemia in rodents and electrophysiologically analyze functional changes in the retina.
  • Retinal neurotransmitters.  Much of the research on the retina focuses on neurotransmission processes between the neurons of the retina. In our group, we have developed a technique that allows simultaneous recording of ERG and collicular activity while injecting substances in the vitreous and delivering visual stimulation. This technique provides reliable information about the role that several neurotransmitters or neuromodulators play on the processing of visual information in the retina.
  • Ocular pharmacodynamics. Our group, in collaboration with other groups, has access to modern PET/TAC techniques which allow us to study the pharmacodynamics of substances in the eye. This is especially relevant because intravitreal drug delivery has become a gold standard for treatment of many retinal diseases.
  • Introacular tumors. These malignancies affect adults and children and can be life threatening. There are researchers in our group highly specialized in this topic, mostly focused on intraocular melanoma, who carry out studies in collaboration with other groups. 
  • Ocular anterior segment disorders. Some members of our group are intensively working in this topic by using a variety of research techniques to address questions related to ocular surface disorders and refractive surgery. 


José Manuel Abalo Lojo
Assistant professor
María del Rosario Touriño Peralba
Assistant professor
María Isabel Fernández Rodríguez
Assistant professor
María José Blanco Teijeiro
Assistant professor
María Josefa Rodríguez Cid
Assistant professor
María Teresa Rodríguez Ares
Maximino José Abraldes López-Veiga
Assistant professor

Selected publications

Applications of Non-Coding RNAs in Patients With Retinoblastoma

Fernandez-Diaz D, Rodriguez-Vidal C, Silva-Rodríguez P, Paniagua L, Blanco-Teijeiro MJ, Pardo M, Piñeiro A, Bande M.

Activity and Expression of Carboxylesterases and Arylacetamide Deacetylase in Human Ocular Tissues.

Hammid A, Fallon J, Lassila T, Vieiro P, Balla A, Gonzalez F, Urtti A, Smith P, Tolonen A, Honkakoski P.

Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Tacrolimus/Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin Eye Drops in an Endotoxin-Induced Uveitis Model.

García-Otero X, Mondelo-García C, Gonzalez F, Perez-Fernandez R, Ávila L, Antúnez-López JR, González-Barcia M, Adan A, Aguiar P, Otero-Espinar FJ, Bermúdez MA, Fernández-Ferreiro A.

Differential sensitivity of the On and Off visual responses to retinal ischemia.

Bermudez MA, Gonzalez F.

Remote screening of retinal and optic disc diseases using handheld nonmydriatic cameras in programmed routine occupational health checkups onsite at work centers.

Zapata MA, Martín R, Garcia-Arumí C, Fonollosa A, Flores-Moreno I, Gallego-Pinazo R, Gutiérrez E, Abraldes M, Zarranz-Ventura J; On behalf Optretina Reading Group.

Necrotizing scleritis due to Hormographiella aspergillata

Lamas-Francis D, Llovo-Taboada J, Navarro D, Touriño R, Rodríguez-Ares T

Selected Results


Red de Enfermedades Oculares (Oftared)