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Molecular Medicine Programme | Cardiovascular

Platelet Proteomics

Ángel García Alonso
Group Leader | Associate Professor
Field of knowledge

Platelets are small anucleate cells that circulate in the blood playing a central role in haemostasis, helping to heal any vascular damage by forming a vascular plug. Pathologically, platelet activation underlies thrombotic and heart disease, now recognised as the biggest killer of mankind in the western world.

The Platelet Proteomics group, led by Prof. Ángel García, is also part of the Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria de Santiago (IDIS) [Santiago Health Research Institute]. In our group, we are currently using a combination of proteomics technology and classical biochemistry to unravel the signal transduction events following the activation of the most relevant platelet receptors. We are focusing our studies on healthy and diseased platelets in order to identify novel biomarkers and drug targets that may help to treat / diagnose those diseases where unwanted platelet activation plays a role, such as acute coronary syndromes. In addition, we are currently searching for small molecule inhibitors of some of the most interesting targets identified by proteomics.  We are also studying extracellular vesicles as a source of biomarkers in platelet-related diseases.

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Research Lines

Our research focus on the study of platelets and extracellular vesicles in those pathologies where an unwanted platelet activation plays a role, such as obesity and coronary artery disease. This is done by a combination of proteomic and functional approaches. The aim is to investigate platelets at molecular level to identify novel biomarkers and drug targets that may help to treat/diagnose atherothrombosis. Potential drug targets identified by proteomics are being investigated since a pharmacological point of view to find small molecules that can inhibit/modulate them.



Sara Troitiño Cora
PhD student
Eva María Fernández Sáez
PhD student
Sofía Pérez Espinazo
PhD student
Aurelio M. Sueiro
Clinical researcher
José M. García Acuña
Clinical researcher

Selected publications

Platelet Lipidome Fingerprint: New Assistance to Characterize Platelet Dysfunction in Obesity

Gaëtan Chicanne, Maria N Barrachina, Anaelle Durbec, Justine Bertrand-Michel, Sara Troitiño , Lidia Hermida-Nogueira, Aurelio M Sueiro, María Pardo, Bernard Payrastre, Ángel García

Katacine is a new ligand of CLEC-2 that acts as a platelet agonist.

Morán LA, Di Y, Sowa MA, Hermida-Nogueira L, Barrachina MN, Martin E, Mize TH, Clark JC, Eble JA, Moreira D, Pollitt AY, Loza MI, Domínguez E, Watson SP, García A.

The PI3Kδ Inhibitor Idelalisib Diminishes Platelet Function and Shows Antithrombotic Potential

María N. Barrachina, Irene Izquierdo, Lidia Hermida-Nogueira, Luis A. Morán, Amparo Pérez, Ana B. Arroyo, Nuria García-Barberá, Rocío González-Conejero, Sara Troitiño, Johannes A. Eble, José Rivera, Constantino Martínez, María I. Loza, Eduardo Domínguez and Ángel García

Phosphoproteomic Analysis of Platelets in Severe Obesity Uncovers Platelet Reactivity and Signaling Pathways Alterations.

Barrachina MN, Hermida-Nogueira L, Moran LA, Casas V, Hicks SM, Sueiro AM, Di Y, Andrews RK, Watson SP, Gardiner EE, Abian J, Carrascal M, Pardo M, García Á.

Deciphering the secretome of leukocyte-platelet rich fibrin: towards a better understanding of its wound healing properties.

Hermida-Nogueira L, Barrachina MN, Morán LA, Bravo S, Diz P, García Á, Blanco J.

A Comprehensive Tyrosine Phosphoproteomic Analysis Reveals Novel Components of the Platelet CLEC-2 Signaling Cascade

Irene Izquierdo, María N. Barrachina, Lidia Hermida-Nogueira, Vanessa Casas, Luis A. Morán, Serena Lacerenza, Roberto Pinto-Llorente, Johannes A. Eble, Vivian de los Ríos, Eduardo Domínguez, María I. Loza, José Ignacio Casal, Montserrat Carrascal, Joaquín Abián, Angel García

Role of SHP2 (PTPN11) in glycoprotein VI-dependent thrombus formation: Improved platelet responsiveness by the allosteric drug SHP099 in Noonan syndrome patients.

Fernández DI, Diender M, Hermida-Nogueira L, Huang J, Veiras S, Henskens YMC, Te Loo MWM, Heemskerk JWM, Kuijpers MJE, García Á.

Selected Results


National project(s)

Antiagregantes plaquetarios inhibidores del receptor de colágeno GPVI para medicina antitrombótica de precisión - PRUEBA DE CONCEPTO 2022
REF: PDC2022-133743-I00Duration: -
PI: Ángel García Alonso