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Molecular Medicine Programme | Cancer

Virus and Cancer (VICA)

Carmen Rivas Vázquez
Group Leader | CSIC head scientist
Lab: P2L7
Field of knowledge

Our interest is the study of the virus-host cell interaction, and the contribution of ubiquitin-like proteins to this interplay. 

Research Lines

We have two fundamental lines of research: 

  • The study of the exploitation of cellular machinery by viruses in order to favor their replication.
  • The study of the cellular molecular pathways relevant for the control of viral replication and cell proliferation. 

We are especially interested in the role that small ubiquitin-like proteins (SUMO) play in both processes. Our aim is to identify those mechanisms that regulate both viral replication and the development of proliferative diseases, to expand the knowledge of the relationship between viruses and cancer and to discover potential prophylactic or therapeutic targets for intervention.  



Yanis Hichem Bouzaher
PhD student
María Blanquer Gárate
PhD student
Beatríz Rodríguez Lemus
PhD student
Rocío Miranda Tolosa
PhD student

Selected publications

eIF5A is activated by virus infection or dsRNA and facilitates virus replication through modulation of interferon production.

R Seoane, Y T Llamas-González, S Vidal, A E Motiam, Y H Bouzaher, D Fonseca, R Farrás, A García-Sastre, J González-Santamaría, C Rivas.

SUMOylation modulates the stability and function of PI3K- p110 beta.

A E Motiam, C F de la Cruz-Herrera, S Vidal, R Seoane, M Baz-Martínez, Y H Bouzaher, E Lecona, M Esteban, MS Rodríguez, A Vidal, M Collado, C Rivas

Expression of the Ebola Virus VP24 Protein Compromises the Integrity of the Nuclear Envelope and Induces a Laminopathy-Like Cellular Phenotype.

S Vidal, M Sánchez-Aparicio, R Seoane, A E Motiam, E V Nelson, Y H Bouzaher, M Baz-Martínez, I García-Dorival, S Gonzalo, E Vázquez, A Vidal, C Muñoz-Fontela, A García-Sastre, C Rivas.

Regulation of the Ebola Virus VP24 Protein by SUMO

Santiago Vidal, Ahmed El Motiam, Rocío Seoane, Viktorija Preitakaite, Yanis Hichem Bouzaher, Sergio Gómez-Medina, Carmen San Martín, Dolores Rodríguez, María Teresa Rejas, Maite Baz-Martínez, Rosa Barrio, James D Sutherland, Manuel S Rodríguez, César Muñoz-Fontela, Carmen Rivas

Interplay between SUMOylation and NEDDylation regulates RPL11 localization and function

El Motiam, A; Vidal, S; de la Cruz-Herrera, CF; Da Silva-Alvarez, S; Baz-Martinez, M; Seoane, R; Vidal, A; Rodriguez, MS; Xirodimas, DP; Carvalho, AS; Beck, HC; Matthiesen, R; Collado, M; Rivas, C
Cell senescence is an antiviral defense mechanism.
Baz-Martínez M, Da Silva-Álvarez S, Rodríguez E, Guerra J, El Motiam A, Vidal A, García-Caballero T, González-Barcia M, Sánchez L, Muñoz-Fontela C, Collado M, Rivas C.

Selected Results


International project(s)

A sound proteome for a sound body: targeting proteolysis for proteome remodeling (ProteoCure)
REF: CA20113Duration: -

National project(s)

Ubiquitin-like proteins in virus-host cell interaction.
REF: PID2021-126510NB-I00Duration: -