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Nano-radiopharmaceuticals against glioblastoma, the most aggressive brain tumour

Glioblastoma is one of the most aggressive brain cancers, with an average survival of less than one year. Advances in the diagnosis and treatment of this type of tumour are, to date, not very encouraging. 

The USC CiMUS groups led by Pablo Aguiar and María José Alonso plan to develop a new generation of radiopharmaceuticals capable of reaching the brain and, once there, targeting brain tumour cells, performing the dual function of early diagnosis and treatment. 

To this end, the researchers are based on a strategy that makes use of nanotechnology to produce nano-radiopharmaceuticals capable of crossing the haematoencephalic barrier, one of the most resistant barriers in our body, and, finally, of acting with high precision on the brain tumour. 

Progress in this line of research could bring about a paradigm shift in the treatment of glioblastoma and other cancers that are difficult to diagnose, and significantly improve the quality of life and life expectancy.


The OC Foundation (Fundación Oscar Contigo) signed an agreement with the University of Santiago de Compostela to finance the research project Nano-radiopharmaceuticals against glioblastoma. For this reason, donations made through the OC Foundation will be added to the funds obtained through the sumo valor programme. Anyone wishing to make a donation through the OC Foundation can do so via this link.

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