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José Manuel Castro Tubío

Group Leader | Associate Professor
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Grupo de investigación

Dr. Jose Tubio (Spain, 1978) is author of more than 10 papers in the high-impact journals Science, Nature and Nature Genetics. For the last years, he has carried out his research at the forefront of cancer genomics, being involved in the discovery of new cancer genes in haematological cancers and bone cancers, the identification of new mutational mechanisms in cancer development, the characterization of the evolutionary dynamics of metastasis, and the identification of mutational processes and genes that drive transmissible cancers. Noteworthy, the research he has carried out in the field of cancer retrotransposition is changing our understanding of the role that retrotransposons play in cancer. Currently, he is holder of an ERC Starting Grant, which aims the discovery of the genetic mechanisms that drive transmissible cancers.