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European projects

Radiotherapy-Activated Immunomodulating Niches (RAIN)
REF: AES-2021/005223Duration: -
PI: Marcos García Fuentes
Funding: European Commission
Innovative ligands for nuclear receptors to eradicate cancer relapse (eRaDicate)
REF: HORIZON-MSCA-2022-DN-01. 1011194227Duration: -
PI: R Perez-Fernandez
Funding: European Commission
Integrated SERVices supporting a sustainable AGROecological transition (AgroServ)
REF: 101058020Duration: - Funding: European CommissionEU-OPENSCREEN ERIC
The European Network for Stem Cell Core Facilities (CorEuStem)
REF: CA20140Duration: -
PI: José A. Costoya Puente
Funding: European Commission
Simulation medicine and Scenario-based learning for emergency care (SimS)
REF: 101082077Duration: -
PI: Víctor M. Arce
Funding: European Commission
Well-Aging and the Tanycytic Control of Health (WATCH)
REF: 810331Duration: -
PI: Rubén Nogueiras Pozo
Funding: European Commission
Role of SIK3 in energy homeostasis (ObeSIK3)
REF: 2014_H2020_MSCADuration: -
PI: Patricia Seoane Collazo
Funding: European Commission
Deconstructing the Translational Control of Myelination by Specialized Ribosomes (MyeRIBO)
REF: 865157Duration: -
PI: Ashwin Woodhoo
Funding: European Commission
Spatial fractionation of the dose in proton therapy: a novel therapeutic approach - ERC consolidator grant.
REF: 817908Duration: -
PI: Yolanda Prezado
Funding: European Commission
Drug repurposing and discovery multidisciplinary training network (DRUGtrain)
REF: 955879Duration: -
PI: María Isabel Loza García
Funding: European Commission, Marie Skłodowska-Curie – ITN