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Offer: Contract for PhD student in Quantification in Total-body PET scanners.

PhD student

If you are interested, please contact to Pablo Aguiar (

Full-time employment contract for 3 years.

Requirements: Undergraduate studies in Physics, Mathematics, Biomedical Engineering, etc.

Desirable requirements: high academic records and/or MSc in Biomedical Sciences.

Project: Total-body PET scanners are revolutionizing the clinical use of PET, opening the ability to address a wide range of new questions, and subsequently pushing towards an unstoppable expansion of new clinical indications and new radiotracers. This significant jump in terms of PET technology offers several interesting opportunities, beyond the obvious improvements related to the significantly higher patient throughput. This project aims to take advantage of the unprecedented capabilities of this technology to obtain whole-body kinetic information of the radiotracers, which is an exciting opportunity for PET methodological research groups. This is the first time in history that the technology makes it possible to perform simultaneous dynamic imaging of the entire human body.