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Offer: Contract for PhD student in Quantitative Immuno-PET/MRI studies.

PhD student

If you are interested, please contact to Pablo Aguiar (

Full-time employment contract for 3 years.

Requirements: Undergraduate studies in Physics, Mathematics, Biomedical Engineering, etc.

Desirable requirements: high academic records and/or MSc in Biomedical Sciences.

Project: Preclinical PET/MRI quantification is of outstanding importance as a basis for the generation of reliable image-based biomarkers for clinical routine and preclinical research. However, accurate image quantification is challenging and requires many technical and biological factors to be considered. This project is focused on implementing molecular imaging quantification (PET and MRI) tools and investigating main factors affecting imaging biomarkers derived from PET/MRI studies using radiolabeled antibodies. The potential of the so-called quantitative Immuno-PET approach lies in the fact that detected disease-specific molecules can be used both as diagnostic and targets for radionuclide therapies. Our mission is towards the development of new theragnostic radiopharmaceuticals based on peptides and monoclonal antibodies radiolabelled with diagnostic and therapeutic radioisotopes.