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CiMUS of USC is the leading research centre in Galicia in attracting competitive funding for cancer research.

The commitment of the CiMUS of the USC to cancer research is reflected in the report Radiography on the state of cancer research in Galicia that has just been presented by the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), being the main research centre in Galicia in attracting competitive funding in cancer, having obtained 51 projects in the three years analysed.

The report, carried out by the Scientific Foundation of the Association, shows that Galicia is the third autonomous community with the highest number of cancer cases, highlighting the need to create networks and encourage more collaboration between researchers.

During the presentation, the region's investment in innovation was highlighted, being the seventh region with the highest investment in R+D+i. It is also where almost 5% of the researchers in Spain are located and where 148 patents have been registered, of which 16 are on cancer.

CiMUS would like to thank the AECC for the preparation of this magnificent report and for their help both in our research work and in connecting us with society.