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CiMUS of the USC renews its accreditation of excellence

  • The funding for this Singular Centre amounts to 2,786,666.67 euros. 

The CiMUS of the USC has just renewed its accreditation of excellence by the Xunta de Galicia. To qualify for it, the centres must meet several requirements, such as having funding in the previous call for 2019 and passing the final evaluation procedure; obtaining a grant in the state programme for Severo Ochoa or María de Maeztu centres, and others related to their governance, structure, funding, scientific quality and transfer of results established in the call.

The accreditation of the excellence of the centres was carried out on the basis of the assessments made by an external committee based on three main dimensions: Organisation and governance (strategy, governance and organisational structure, talent management, funding and infrastructure), Research quality (projects, scientific production, internal collaboration, recognition, transfer and internationalisation) and Relevance for society (responsible research and innovation, services and communication). In accordance with these criteria, and in the case of the USC, the funding corresponding to CiMUS amounts to 2,786,666.67 euros (ED431G 2023/02).