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The latest advances in stem cell research reach young people in Galicia at Unistem Day 2024

  • Findings, scientific trends and interactive games will bring "The endless journey of stem cell research" to nearly 300 Galician students.
  • The conference organised by the Cellular and Molecular Neurology of Parkinson's Disease group of the CiMUS of the USC will take place on Friday 22 March, from 9:00 am, in the Faculty of Psychology.


The Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology of Parkinson's Disease Group of the CiMUS of the University of Santiago de Compostela, led by Professor José Luis Labandeira, will organise the Unistem Day 2024, the largest international event in the dissemination of stem cells and cell therapy promoted by the Università degli Studi di Milano, on 22 March at the Faculty of Psychology of the USC.

300 students and teachers from eight Galician schools will meet at the Faculty of Psychology in Santiago on this day which, under the slogan "The endless journey of stem cell research", aims to bring science closer to young students and awaken their interest and vocation for research. IES Rosalía de Castro, Colegio M. Peleteiro, Colegio Compañía de María, IES Xelmírez I and IES Xelmírez II in Santiago, IES Manuel García Barros in A Estrada, IES Plurilingüe in Valga and CIFP A Carballeira-Marcos Valcárcel in Ourense will be the participating centres.


The 'Minecraft' hospital: every cube, a stem cell

The event will include talks by USC professors and researchers on the latest advances in the field of stem cells and cell therapy. The day will focus on "Taking off with stem cells", "Behind the microscopic footprints: a journey through stem cell research", "The 'Minecraft' hospital: every cube, a stem cell" and "Stem cells: truths, lies and what's in between". Interactive games led by Lucía García, Laura Camacho, Cristina Gianzo, Pilar Aldrey and Iria Novoa will also be included, with the collaboration of CASIO División Educativa, Leboriz and Principia.


The Cajal Year, also protagonist of the conference

In addition, this year, as part of the activities of the "Ramón y Cajal Year of Research", the talk "Ellas: esas mariposas del alma. #Año Cajal", given by the CiMUS researcher Ana I. Rodríguez, who will reveal the women neuroscientists of Cajal's school.

The opening ceremony will be attended by the Vice-Rector for Science Policy, María Pilar Bermejo Barrera; the Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, María José Sampedro Vizcaya, and the co-director of CiMUS and principal investigator of the organising group, José Luis Labandeira García.

The event is sponsored by CiMUS, Celta Ingenieros, Fisher Scientific, Merck, Cienytech, Izasa Scientific, Casio División Educativa, Levoriz, Principia, Editorial Elsevier, Editorial Panamerica, Domino's Pizza, Gadis and Albarin Catering.