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Professor Bairong Shen visits CiMUS and Innopharma Platform laboratories

Leading researcher Bairong Shen visited CiMUS, where he had the opportunity to see the Innopharma Platform laboratories first-hand. During his visit, Professor Shen shared his vision of ‘smart medicine’ and its potential to transform personalised healthcare.

Professor Shen, executive director of the Institutes of Systems Genetics at West China Hospital, Sichuan University, is recognised for his pioneering work in the application of translational informatics in the biomedical field. With a track record of more than 25 years in bioinformatics and intelligent medicine, he has published more than 200 scientific papers and 10 books, as well as being a reviewer for more than 30 international journals.

During his visit, Professor Shen stressed the importance of integrating high-quality data and interpretable models to provide more accurate and personalised medical solutions. ‘Smart medicine can significantly improve treatment outcomes and patient survival rates,’ said Shen, underlining the crucial role of biobanks in this new healthcare paradigm.

Professor Shen's visit was facilitated by CITIC researcher Alejandro Pazos, coordinator of the RNASA-IMEDIR group, who also organised Shen's presentation at UDC's CITIC the day before, entitled ‘Translational Informatics and Future Digital Medicine’. Pazos highlighted the relevance of Shen's contributions to biomedical research and his impact on the development of personalised and precise medicine. 

Mabel Loza, CiMUS Scientific Director, and members of the Innopharma Platform expressed their enthusiasm for Professor Shen's visit and the opportunity to exchange knowledge with a world leader in smart medicine. This visit reinforces CiMUS' commitment to cutting-edge research and international collaboration to advance molecular medicine and chronic diseases.