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USC CiMUS researchers María José Alonso and Miguel López, among the most cited scientists in the world

The principal investigators of the CiMUS of the USC, María José Alonso and Miguel López, are among the most cited scientists in the world in the Stanford ranking of researchers, a classification based on data from Elsevier and which has just been made public under the coordination of John P. A. Ionnidis. In fact, both researchers are among the top ten USC researchers in this ranking.

María José Alonso is the coordinator of the CiMUS group, Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery. Her scientific research involves the use of nanotechnologies to design innovative nanomedicines. She develops new nanostructured materials aimed at transporting drugs and antigens across biological barriers and delivering them to the target tissue. They specialise in the association of delicate molecules, including peptides, siRNAs and antigens, to these nanocarriers.

Miguel López is the coordinator of the CiMUS group, NeurObesity, which focuses on the field of obesity, in particular on the hypothalamic regulation of energy balance. The main expertise of the group is hypothalamic neuropeptides (especially orexins), hypothalamic lipid metabolism/AMPK and ER stress.

The data presented in this ranking are ordered according to parameters such as citations, h-index or hm-index adjusted for co-authorship or citations of articles in different authorship positions. In addition to this global perspective, which takes into consideration the entire research career of the research staff (period 1996-2022), it is complemented with a second table which includes those people among the 2% most cited for their publications updated at the end of the year 2022.

According to this last classification, the USC has 69 researchers among the most cited Spanish scientists in the world, an upward trend since in 2021 there were 39 members of the University of Compostela mentioned in this ranking.