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Governing Commission

The Governing Commission has been assigned, among others, the following powers: approval of the Strategic Plan of the centre and its modifications, the approval of the budget, the proposal for the appointment and removal of the Director, the approval of the measures proposals by the External Scientific Committee, and the incorporation of new staff researcher attached to the centre; this last attribution will always be the proposal of the Scientific Director and with the favourable report of the External Scientific Commission.

Antonio López Díaz
Rector of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC)
María del Pilar Bermejo Barrera
Vice-Rector of Scientific Policy (USC)
Cecilia Sierra Rey
President of the Social Council (USC)
Antonio Javier Ferreira Fernández
University Manager (USC)
María Isabel Loza García
CiMUS Scientific Director
José Alberto Díez de Castro
Secretary of Universities, a representative from the Galician Government
Carlos Juan Closa Montero
Vice-President for Organisation and Institutional Relations (CSIC)
Juan Manuel Garrido Fernández
Representative of the Governing Council (USC)