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Ángel Carracedo Álvarez

Group Leader | Full Professor
angel.carracedo [at]
  • Professor at the University of Santiago de Compostela since 1989. 
  • Director of the Institute of Forensic Science (USC), Galician Foundation of Genomic Medicine (SERGAS) and National Genotyping Center (CEGEN) 
  • Coordinator of the Genomic Medicine Group 
  • More than 450 scientific publications. More than 1400 citations in 2012. (Resource: ISI Web of Knowledge). Total H-index: 50. H-index last 10 years: 38 
  • Highly Cited Scientist in the area of Forensic Science in the period 2001-2011 (Thomson and Reuters) ( is external)) 
  • Contributions to congresses (Invited –last ten years): 84(Nationals)/85(Internationals). 
  • 68 PhD theses supervised. 
  • Editor of Forensic Science International: Genetics (No.1 in the SCI rank of Forensic Science) 
  • Member of the SAB of 5 national and 6 international centers or agencies and different international regulatory boards including the European Medicine Agency 
  • Awards: Adelaide Medal, Galien Medal, Jaime I Award, Medal Castelao , Medal of Galicia, Medal to the Police merit, Galician Prize of Research, Novoa Santos Award, Fernández Latorre Award, various prizes from foundations and scientific societies. Doctor Honoris Causa for different universities