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Aurora Gómez Durán

Group Leader | Ramón y Cajal researcher
aurora.gomez [at]
Research group

Aurora is a pharmacist (USC) specializing on mitochondrial functional genomics. She carried her Ph.D. in the Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Pathology group in the Department of Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology of the University of Zaragoza, under the supervision of Dr. Eduardo Ruiz-Pesini. Then, she carried a long postdoc at Prof. Patrick Chinnery's laboratory, first at the University of Newcastle (UK) and then at the Mitochondrial Biology Unit at the University of Cambridge. In March 2020, she returned to Spain as a Talento Fellow (Comunidad de Madrid) to start her own laboratory (MitoPhenomics) at CIB Margarita Salas-CSIC. In September 2022, her lab joined CiMUS with a RyC Fellowship. She has published more than 35 papers in several journals Nature Medicine, Nature Genetics, Nature Comms, EMBO and JACI. Her lab and trainees is been funded by several agencies including Comunidad de Madrid, AEI, Fundación Tatiana Guzman, Mehuer Foundation for rare diseases studies, Banco Santander, AECC and so on.

Aurora is very committed to the equality of gender in science and research. She has been a board member of the Comisión Mujer y Ciencia at CIB-CSIC and she has co-founded @mitowomen, a network in women working in mitochondria. She is also interested in public science being an active part of CONOCELAS-ASEICA, 11F, Semana de la Ciencia, etc. She also believes in the importance of mentoring, transversal training in research and equality of opportunities.