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ERIC - EU-OpenScreen

European Infrastructure for Open Screening Platforms for Chemical Biology

EU-OPENSCREEN is a not-for-profit European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) for chemical biology and early drug discovery. 

This consortium supports all stages of a chemical tool development project, including assay adaptation, high-throughput screening, and chemical optimisation of the ‘hit’ compounds. 

EU-OPENSCREEN has over 20 affiliated high-throughput screening and chemistry facilities at partner sites in 10 European countries. These partner facilities provide researchers with access to cutting-edge technologies to develop their own tool compounds. One such facility is the InnoPharma drug screening platform, part of the BioFarma group, which has been part of the EU-OpenScreen consortium since 2018. It is the first Spanish public research group to join the consortium. This participation has allowed us to carry out 3 European projects in the last 5 years.