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In compliance with the Law 19/2013 on transparency, access to public information and good governance, in this section you will find information about CiMUS to make the principle of transparency effective on those aspects most relevant to it related to our activity. For this purpose, the following documents and information are available:

Institutional, organizational and planning information

Codes and regulations applicable to the activity developed in CiMUS

Institutionally, we firmly believe that the main link that guarantee an adequate research from the ethical point of view, resides in the personal commitment of the researchers not to exercise unfair practices, to guarantee the solidity, the relevance and the veracity of the results disseminated, as well as to identify the authorship of the researches correctly and respect the ethical principles of the research.

The institutions related to research have developed in recent years the so-called "Codes of Good Scientific Practices" and regulations that govern the performance of the different aspects related to scientific practice. They include guidelines on the various ethical aspects that must be assumed by the managers and researchers of the institution. Although this is a permanent evolving process, currently the following documents are available at our website:

The existence of these committees and regulations guarantees the quality and thoroughness of scientific practice, so the agencies responsible for funding research, in addition to assessing the scientific quality of the proposed research, require suitability reports.


The research activity carried out in CIMUS comes mostly from:

  1. Competitive public calls by different funding agencies (European Union, State Research Agency, Xunta de Galicia, etc).
  2. Public foundations (Spanish Association against Cancer, Hospital Foundations, etc).
  3. Contracts and agreements with public and private institutions (pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, etc.).
  4. Donations.

All our fundraising is incorporated into the budgets of the USC and its management follows the rules and laws in force to it and that can be consulted here.