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Collaborative models


Aimed at Spanish and international researchers, to visit or carry out stays at CiMUS for the discussion and collaborative experimental execution of disruptive scientific projects, susceptible to subsequent joint transfer. This model is oriented towards the application of early-stage science. These projects are managed by agreements that set short-term milestones ("go/no-go" experiments) in collaboration with the principal investigator, the mode of sharing results, and their dissemination and protection in case the project progresses. This highly attractive activity allows CiMUS to be a HUB for international innovation in biomedical research. 

Joint Units and open innovation models

These models facilitate collaboration between research organisations and businesses to develop and execute innovative activities aligned with strategic objectives in a coordinated manner. These units are governed by framework agreements that define the way in which results are shared, as well as their dissemination and protection. They imply the retention of ownership of technologies and infrastructures for the USC after a temporary period (generally between 5 and 10 years). CiMUS has extensive experience in executing collaborative projects with pharmaceutical and biotech companies. 

Contracts with high added value

Various services are performed under contract in these programmes. They are managed by an agreement/contract with technical and economic terms demanded by price and/or budget depending on the project characteristics.