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The CiMUS governance structure is organized as follows:

  • Governing Committee: senior governing body, comprised of institutional representatives and open to the participation of the social and economic agents associated to Campus Vida. The functions of the steering committee include, among others, the following: 
    1. Approval of the centre's Strategic Plan and its modifications. 
    2. Approval of the budget. 
    3. Proposing the appointment and dismissal of the Director. 
    4. Approval of proposals for measures by the external scientific committee. 
    5. The incorporation of new research staff assigned to the Centre. 
    This latter attribution will always be proposed by the Scientific Director and with the favourable report of the External Scientific Committee. 
  • External Scientific Advisory Board: the body responsible for advising the governing committee and the scientific director on the scientific policy of the center and the assessment of its activity. 
  • Scientific Director / Deputy Director: responsible for the scientific policy of the center. The director defines the strategic project and coordinates the capabilities of the different research groups.
  • Internal Scientific Advisory Board: Their function is to provide support and advice to the directors in decision-making, as well as to supervise the progress of the strategic plan and all the activities that take place in CiMUS in general. 
  • Technical Manager: with functions related to the center support in the generation of competitive resources, the promotion of collaborations with industry and also with the administrative and economic management of the center. 

These structures regulate the activity of the areas and services that make up the center.