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The Center for Research in Molecular Medicine and Chronic Disease (CiMUS) was created on February 17th 2010 by the Governing Council of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC).

CiMUS has CIGUS recognition from the Xunta de Galicia, which accredits the quality and impact of its research.

CiMUS is a member of the network of singular research centres with a new model of scientific organization, which constitutes one of the R&D strategic pillars of the CAMPUS VIDA project (Campus of International Excellence, MEC-MICINN, 2009)


The CiMUS mission consists of performing basic research with proven quality, focused on getting advances in the prevention, the understanding and the treatment of chronic disease on the basis of the following parameters:

  • Knowledge generation based on criteria of excellence and translational research that allows its transference to the healthcare and/or industry level.
  • Development of a structure that boosts the efficiency and competitiveness of the groups.
  • Be a model of cultural change that enhances the involvement of health professionals in basic research and the generation of knowledge based on business demands.
  • Increase the Biomedicine researchers pull with special emphasis on the recruitment of young researchers.


The CiMUS vision is to be recognized at the international level in the field of research in Biomedicine. This could be possible by encouraging CiMUS researchers to work collaboratively in a cooperative environment, being thereafter translated into research:

  • With a thematic focused on the patient.
  • Cultural and organizational union of groups belonging to different disciplines.
  • Efficient management, organization and information systems.
  • Active in contributing to the economic and social development of Galicia.
  • Educational vocation.
  • Outreach: in permanent contact with the society and approachable to the public
  • Cutting-edge technology.
  • Research excellence.

CiMUS Values:

Leadership: Be a European benchmark by carrying out high-impact research and renowned expertise in its areas of influence.

Excellence and Innovation: Promote research excellence according to international standards and create a positive environment for the generation of new ideas, approaches and solutions.

Cooperation and Multidisciplinarity: Maximize cooperation between different research groups will be one of the CiMUS hallmarks. This should be focused not only on the different CiMUS groups but also should be extended to nearby groups/centers  (CiQUS, CiTIUS…. ). Being an international reference makes that the CiMUS stays present in national and international Networks of Cooperative Research.

Ethics: The CiMUS activity will be developed in an ethical and transparent environment and respect of all the applicable rules such as those concerning animal procedures, risk prevention, computer security and so on.

Enforcement, dissemination, and transfer of knowledge: One of the main CiMUS goals is the translation of results from the bench to the bedside. 

Our centre: