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Molecular Medicine Programme | Cancer

Neoplasia & Endocrine Differentiation

Clara Álvarez Villamarín
Group Leader | Full professor
Lab: P0L5
Field of knowledge

The group is focused on endocrine physiology and patho-physiology of the pituitary and thyroid glands. To this purpose, it includes basic investigators, surgeon and pathologists.

Research Lines

  • We study Thyroid cancer and neoplasia, from Papillary (PTC) and Follicular Thyroid Cancer (FTC) the most common differentiated types to the most aggressive like Poorly Differentiated Thyroid Cancer (PDTC) or Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer. TIROCHUS a collection of surgical surplus and cultures donated from the patients make possible this research.


  • We study cellular mechanisms explaining differentiation from the niche of adult stem cells into secretory types of cells both in the adenopituitary (somatotrophs, lactotrophs, thyrotrophs, corticotrophs and gonadotrophs) or in the thyroid (follicular, medullary). REMAH a collection of surgical surplus donated from the patients contributes essentially to this research.


  • We innovate into new technology to study hormone-dependent human cancer, including breast and prostate cancer patented research to support this endeavour.


Miguel Ángel Chenlo Miranda
Postdoctoral research associate


Sihara Pérez Romero
Research Specialist Technician
María del Carmen Suarez Fariña
Research Specialist Technician
Jesuina Arcangela Graça Fonseca
PhD student
Cristina Cardona Barreña
FPI fellowship
José Tubio Viturro
PhD student

Selected publications

Unmasking a new prognostic marker and therapeutic target from the GDNF-RET/PIT1/p14ARF/p53 pathway in acromegaly

Chenlo, M; Rodriguez-Gomez, IA; Serramito, R; Garcia-Rendueles, AR; Villar-Taibo, R; Fernandez-Rodriguez, E; Perez-Romero, S; Suarez-Farina, M; Garcia-Allut, A; Cabezas-Agricola, JM; Rodriguez-Garcia, J; Lear, PV; Alvarez-San Martin, RM; Alvarez-Escola, C; Bernabeu, I; Alvarez, CV
Rewiring of the apoptotic TGF-beta-SMAD/NF kappa B pathway through an oncogenic function of p27 in human papillary thyroid cancer
Garcia-Rendueles, A. R.; Rodrigues, J. S.; Garcia-Rendueles, M. E. R.; Suarez-Farina, M.; Perez-Romero, S.; Barreiro, F.; Bernabeu, I.; Rodriguez-Garcia, J.; Fugazzola, L.; Sakai, T.; Liu, F.; Cameselle-Teijeiro, J.; Bravo, S. B.; Alvarez, C. V.
Early evolutionary divergence between papillary and anaplastic thyroid cancers
Capdevila, J.; Mayor, R.; Mancuso, F. M.; Iglesias, C.; Caratu, G.; Matos, I.; Zafon, C.; Hernando, J.; Petit, A.; Nuciforo, P.; Cameselle-Teijeiro, J. M.; Alvarez, C.;
The syndrome of central hypothyroidism and macroorchidism: IGSF1 controls TRHR and FSHB expression by differential modulation of pituitary TGF beta and Activin pathways
Garcia, M; Barrio, R; Garcia-Lavandeira, M; Garcia-Rendueles, AR; Escudero, A; Diaz-Rodriguez, E; Del Blanco, DG; Fernandez, A; de Rijke, YB; Vallespin, E; Nevado, J; Lapunzina, P; Matre, V; Hinkle, PM; Hokken-Koelega, ACS; de Miguel, MP; Cameselle-Teijeiro, JM; Nistal, M; Alvarez, CV; Moreno, JC
The Molecular Registry of Pituitary Adenomas (REMAH): A bet of Spanish Endocrinology for the future of individualized medicine and translational research.
Luque RM, Ibáñez-Costa A, Sánchez-Tejada L, Rivero-Cortés E, Robledo M, Madrazo-Atutxa A, Mora M, Álvarez CV, Lucas-Morante T, Álvarez-Escolá C, Fajardo C, Castaño L, Gaztambide S, Venegas-Moreno E, Soto-Moreno A, Gálvez MÁ, Salvador J, Valassi E, Webb SM, Picó A, Puig-Domingo M, Gilabert M, Bernabéu I, Marazuela M, Leal-Cerro A, Castaño JP; investigadores del REMAH..

Selected Results


Thyroid Cancer Group (TCg) of the European Thyroid Association


Cell lines and the use thereof for identifying drugs for thyroid carcinoma
Aplication Nº: ES201031322
Isolation of multipotent hypophysary cells and in vitro differentiation thereof
Aplication Nº: WO2009ES70530 20091125
Compuestos y métodos para el tratamiento del cáncer
Aplication Nº: P201930743
Marcadores de pronóstico, diana terapeútica y tratamiento para la acromegalia
Aplication Nº: EP19382828