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Six CiMUS researchers receive more than 620,000 euros from AECC

  • Through the Research Grants in the categories of General Project Aid, Semente Aid and Pre-doctoral Aid
  • Miguel López, Aurora Gómez, Lara García, Emma Ramos, Adrián Aparicio and Alberto Tinahones were the winners of this edition.

Six researchers from the CiMUS of the USC have just received a total of 623,740 euros from the Spanish Association against Cancer (AECC). AECC presented the AECC 2023 Research Grants today, at the headquarters of the Official College of Physicians of A Coruña, with the assistance of the president and vice president of AECC in A Coruña, Manuel Aguilar and Carlos Lamora; the scientific directors of CiMUS and IDIS, Mabel Loza and Luz Couce; the head of the Oncology Service of CHUAC, Dr. Rosario García Campelo; and Tania Casal, oncology patient and AECC volunteer. During the event, the diplomas were also awarded to the successful bidders, who were responsible for explaining what their research projects consist of.

The largest aid, with an amount of almost 300,000 euros, is the AECC General Projects Aid, awarded to Dr. Miguel López, director of the NeuroObesity group of the CiMUS of the USC, which will delve into the treatment of cachexia, a syndrome that affects the quality of life and survival of cancer patients.

In addition, two AECC Seed Grants were awarded, of 20,000 euros each, to Aurora Gómez, principal researcher in the MitoPhenomics Lab of CiMUS, who will work on the role of mitochondrial DNA variants in oncogenesis and effectiveness in cancer treatments, and Lara García, researcher attached to the Molecular Imaging Biomarkers and Pharmacokinetic Modeling group of CiMUS, with her project “Improving the diagnosis of brain tumors and the selection of personalized treatments through molecular imaging.”

The AECC also supports the CiMUS researchers, Emma Ramos, Adrián Aparicio and Alberto Tinahones with Predoctoral Grants worth 100,600 euros for the first two and 88,000 euros for the third researcher.

Emma Ramos will work on a new strategy for the treatment of brain tumors based on imaging and nanotechnology. For his part, Adrián Aparicio will study the molecular mechanisms responsible for the appearance and malignancy of a type of cancer of the nervous system known as Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors to advance its treatment and prevention. Alberto Tinahones works in the search for new therapeutic targets for the treatment of cholangiocarcinoma (liver cancer).